Remodeled Barn Merges Traditional And Contemporary Into A Timeless Design

Located in Soglio, Switzerland, this barn is a lovely family home built along a pedestrian route leading from the historical center. But why choose to live in a barn, you might ask. Well, because it looks like this and because it’s one of the many innovative barns turned into houses, thanks to the conversion project by Swiss architect Armando Ruinelli.

Barn in Soglio Exterior Building1View in gallery

Barn in Soglio Exterior BuildingView in gallery

Once an old and unused structure, this is now a single-family residence which beautifully merges traditional and contemporary elements. Its because of this unique blend that the building remains a wonderful addition to the village while providing the comfort of a modern home.

Barn in Soglio doorsView in gallery

The reconditioned barn has three levels in total. They are set into the steep slope and each contain a series of different spaces. The entrance is placed at the ground floor and has access to the surrounding outdoor areas.

Barn in Soglio Living1View in gallery

Barn in Soglio LivingView in gallery

The first floor contains an open plan kitchen, a living area and a study. All these functions are organized around a concrete staircase and fireplace unit. The division is clean and simple and interior design is practical and modern with a few industrial hints.

Staircase concrete wallView in gallery

The concrete volume hides the staircase and also serves as a partition between the kitchen and the rest of the open floor plan.

Barn in Soglio Concrete Fireplace

The upper floor is particularly interesting. It also incorporates a fireplace built into a concrete wall partition and, just like the rest of the house, the palette of materials is diverse and the combinations are striking.

Barn in Soglio dining areaView in gallery

Barn in Soglio wood beams concrete wallsView in gallery

Behind the fireplace wall there’s a minimalist dining area and the main feature here would have to be the roof, made of large wooden logs. It’s an original look which, together with the wood-paneled walls, give the room a rustic and pleasant feel.

Barn in Soglio Bedroom Concrete WoodView in gallery

Barn in Soglio Bedroom Concrete Wood1View in gallery

The overall layout of the house features mostly open floor plans. The bedroom areas is no different as it too is connected to the en-suite bathroom by a partial wall. The interior décor is simple and austere but the use of wood for the furniture and ceiling offers the space a relaxing look.

Soglio by ruinelli associati architetti wood and concrete bathroom1View in gallery

Soglio by ruinelli associati architetti wood and concrete bathroomView in gallery

Wood plays a very important role in all the spaces of the house, including the bathrooms. The same thing can be said about concrete. You can see here how to two materials connect in a simple but unique design. The Japanese tub takes center stage in this décor and warms up the cold design, turning the bathroom into a relaxing piece of heaven.

Soglio by ruinelli associati architetti barn exterior1View in gallery

Soglio by ruinelli associati architetti barn exteriorView in gallery

The same striking combination of materials also defines the exterior of the building. The stone, concrete and wood facade give the barn a unique and somewhat modern allure while maintaining its place within the village context.