Remodeled and expanded Madrid apartment

This apartment is located in the center of Madrid, Spain. It’s owned by a couple who, even though was happy with their home, felt like something was missing. They decided to renovate the apartment in order to make in more playful and modern. And since they were doing that, they also decided to expand the apartment and to make larger and more inviting.

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They renovated the apartment and they also transformed the roof terrace into an additional guest room. The interior walls have been removed in order to create an open area. The kitchen, living and dining room are basically a large open space. Since the owners have no children and an intense social life, this design was perfect for them. They love to have friends over, to chat and to have fun together. The new interior of the apartment was designed by BITBIT.

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Now the apartment features a large open space that includes the kitchen, living and dining room while the bedroom has been separated together with the bathroom. There’s also a laundry room and another bathroom. The apartment also had an old terrace situated on a higher level. The owners decided that, since they don’t use it anyway, they might as well turn it into something useful. So they transformed the terrace into a guest room, perfect for when friends come over and spend the night.{found on micasarevista}