Remarkable Pirate Ship Playhouse

Kids are fascinated of all sorts of adventures. They are interested in stories with knights, soldiers, pirates, policemen, firemen and many other characters that inspire them the spirit of adventure and dynamism. Those who have or work with kids know very well that they need all kinds of activities so that they can consume their energy which is sometimes overwhelming and you hardly can face it.

The Pirate Ship Playhouse

For those who are lucky enough to have an open area a playhouse is a perfect place where kids can spend enjoyable moments and play with their friends. Here it is a remarkable Pirate Ship Playhouse which is perfect for a family who has boys for example. It is situated on a real hollowed-out 5’ diameter tree trunk equipped with a ladder. The ladder facilitates the entry into the ship as many other ways like: the climbing net and the staircase.

This lovely playhouse is made of wood and has a cedar and redwood exterior decorated with all kinds of classic pirate- age items. Kids may enjoy some great play areas as the ship’s bow, the ship’s castle or the balcony. The interiors are framed in Douglas fir and the whole ship is decorated in non-toxic paint. For a price of $27,000 this wonderful Pirate Ship Playhouse can be yours.