Remaking a Vintage Couch

People are sensitive human beings and tend to become fond of different things they owe. As many things do not last forever it becomes really hard when the moment comes to get rid of them and replace them with something new. Think of your favorite bunny-toy which is deteriorated now or your rocking chair where you fell asleep so many times in front of your TV. All these things and many others become faded, worn out, out of fashion or even inappropriate for our age and if we want to keep them we need to think of a solution to save them.

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Take for example this stylish vintage couch which had a red elephant print on it and dated from 1930 -1940s with a kind of Queen Anne style. The fact that the fabric was faded and worn out, its wooden legs were dented and it was scratched all over the place convinced the owner to do a remaking of it.

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The idea was to get a new couch but to keep the style and charm of the old one. Thus the vintage couch was reupholstered in Dallas for about $900 with a bold purple fabric. The wooden legs and trim got a new semi-gloss black paint while the cording from the center-back of the couch was removed so that the new couch got a cleaner look.

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Although you may think that the cost of this remaking was a little bit too high, nothing can compare with the owner’s satisfaction of getting the thing she wanted.{found on compartmentlife}.