Relaxing Victorian Mansion Apartment in Melbourne

It is so pleasant that in the morning the rays of sun fill with light your room. The large windows of this relaxing Victorian Mansion Apartment offer you this opportunity. Situated in St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, this building is edifying for the Victorian style.

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The two- storey building contains the kitchen, the living room and the dining room which occupy the first floor and the two bedrooms and a bathroom that are situated at the second floor. A gorgeous terrace can be found outdoor that will surprise with its luxuriant vegetation.

Even from the entrance in the living room the idea of good taste will cross your mind immediately. This living room is elegant and its leather armchair and the top glass modern table are great pieces of furniture which will capture your attention. it is an ideal space for business meetings, on how sober as it is stylish. An interior stair takes you upstairs where you find the two bedrooms. They are also elegant, dominated by white color and their large windows increase the amount of natural light inside.

Victorian Mansion Apartment

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In the serene evenings, nothing is more pleasant than sitting on the terrace, on the comfortable sofa and think of the joys of life.This spacious building has an impressive price too, almost $ one million Australian. Its exterior façade covered by ivy is eye catching and if we remind ourselves that the ivy symbolizes wealth and friendship then we may say that it is an investment which worth all the money.{found on homedsgn}