Relaxing Marine Glass Collection Dining Table

Imagine yourself on a sandy beach watching the blue waters of the sea which seem to unite themselves at the horizon with the light blue sky. From time to time a white ship appears in front of your eyes then it disappears losing itself in the immensity of the blue wideness. The noise of the waves which broke at your feet, the float in the air of the beautiful seagulls, the cool breeze of the wind and the wonderful sun which seem to take good- bye from you make you feel relaxed and meditate on wonderful ideas or dreams…

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Wake up! This wonderful view was only in your imagination and maybe inspired by this relaxing Marine Glass Collection Dining Table. The Italian craftsmen seemed to borrow the wonderful marine nuances for creating this gorgeous glass dining table. Actually we refer to a glass dining table which may have an oval or a rectangular shape, both handmade and with two semi-circular legs.

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Their polished surfaces which make them look wet all the time might make you think that they are not too resistant. For the contrary, the materials used and the thick glass make them durable enough so that you do not worry about this fact. One surface of the base is polished glass and the reverse side is metallic gold or silver. Their modern design and the gorgeous marine nuances will always make you relax and think of those great moments spent at the seaside.