Relaxing Kanom Lounge Chair from ThinkkStudio

Hot summer days have always made us search different ways of refreshing ourselves. On these days you may think of cold lemonade, a delicious ice cream, the cooling shade of a tree or a nice bath into a pool or sea.

Fresh nature inspired lounge chair design 2 554x329

Even the place where you sit must inspire us freshness and comfort so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather. A sandy beach or a relaxing chaise lounge is just some ideas.You may also choose Kanom lounge chair from ThinkkStudio.It is a great piece of furniture inspired by nature which will make you feel fresh and full of optimism. For its fresh and modern design the designers said that they were inspired by banana leaves and a very tasty Thai dessert.

Fresh nature inspired lounge chair design 2 554x329

Kanom lounge chair is made of an eco- friendly fabric and there are used optimistic nuances like white and bright green which will make you feel closer to nature. Its design will also make you think of some fresh strips of a green lime that might complete your cold and fresh cocktail with ice.

Here you can relax and feel nice and at the same time you may rest your feet on some poufs that are made of the same materials and design. Your outdoor décor will become more relaxing and Kanom lounge chair will complete the green surroundings with its nuances.