Relaxing Hill Shaped French Eco- House by Patrick Nadeau

Summer is almost knocking at the door and its heat has already begun to bother us. It is a period where everybody is looking for a cool or shaded place which can offer us the necessary comfort so that we can face the heat of the rays of the sunand the warm air that floats in the atmosphere.

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Here it is a place which seems perfect for these hot summer days. It is a green house designed by Patrick Nadeau, located in Reims, France. It takes the shape of a hill covered by a grass carpet.It is a construction that seems camouflaged by its eco design so that adapts perfectly the natural surrounding landscape.

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A special element of this design is the building’s perimeter which is raised half a meter so that it is obtained a perimeter bench. You can use it for sitting outdoor, next to the house and admire the surrounding areas or you may think of those floods which might cause you problems for your house.

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Its façade is made of a double skin polycarbonate grass. It is a building based on a wonderful design which will offer you a cool atmosphere and a relaxing ambiance.{found on dezeen}