Reinvented Interior Design Apartment in Barcelona

Most homes impress through their originality, through that unique touch that makes the difference. The flat in the picture has an original architecture, while its reinvented interior with timeless solutions, eclectic furnishings in neutral tones and its feminine splashes of mauve and pink definitely make the difference, contributing to the general charm the entire space breathes.

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It follows the same pattern of simplicity of shapes in order to obtain a practical and comfortable space, in spite of the old building it is located in the centre of Barcelona. Being rectangular, a sense of depth was necessary to multiply the views of the space; the wooden ceiling beams represent the original element that gives character to the spaces because of the height and beauty of the arches. Everything around contributes to create a nice environment where natural light is the key element.

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The brick wall marks the transition between spaces, while the kitchen with its materials and in its simplicity is unified into a perfect harmony of colors. The serenity perceived is based on the dark oak parquet in combination with white sand and pastel colors. The pleasant colors and rich textures in every room emphasize the presence of the furniture; only the bathroom is different with its contrast betweenthe white pieces in a wood-like finish of ebony. The entire flow that can be felt between the spaces makes everything to fit perfectly and it is impossible not to feel at ease in such an attractive atmosphere!{found on micasarevista}.