Reimagining Your Den’s Decor for a Spooky Halloween Party

Halloween parties are not just for kids and there is no reason why your home’s décor should not be able to give a sense of spooky fun, yet retain some grown-up sophistication. Turning your den over to a Halloween theme needn’t cost you a great deal either. Of course, you’ll want your decorations to be temporary, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use them again, year on year. Dens make the perfect place for a Halloween gathering, but the same principles can be followed if you want to use your lounge instead.

What to Avoid.

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It can be easy to opt for store bought decorations that have an instant effect, but with a bit of thought you will achieve better results that will impress your guests. Avoid plastic, Halloween inspired bunting or balloons unless you are catering for a children’s party. Cartoon like images of ghosts and ghouls are fun, but won’t hit the right tone.


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Black is the obvious choice and is likely to feature in your design ideas. Orange will work well with black, but mull over using deep claret reds instead. There’s no need to redecorate your entire den. A few textiles, in complimentary tones, placed around your room will create the right atmosphere.

Go Gothic.

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Add some gothic imagery around your den that gives a sense of foreboding spookiness. Think of medieval European churches, a ruined Scottish castle or gothic archway windows. Hang a few pictures around your room in place of your regular ones. Gargoyles make for great Halloween images. If you are thinking of buying fake pumpkins to place about your room, then don’t as a few well positioned gargoyles will create a much better effect.

Keep it Cheap.

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A truly inexpensive decorating tip is to make some scary paper cut out garlands. Simply fold a length of black or orange paper over and over on itself in a concertina fashion. When you have arrived at the end of your paper use a spooky template, or design your own, to draw on the top side of your paper. A spider or a skull shape work well. Cut out the design with a craft knife or scissors and unfold the garland.

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Cutting out a few bat shapes from an inexpensive material, like black felt, can work well, too. Gathering a few bits of brushwood together to make a witch’s broomstick is another thrifty home made decoration to ponder making.


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Nothing says Halloween quite like a home carved pumpkin, but why not consider shaking off the cliché of a carved face? Alternative design ideas include a crescent moon and stars, a witch on a broomstick or a silhouette of a raven. Additionally, think about pumpkins that vary from the traditional bright orange color and try using fairy lights, to create a novel lighting effect, rather than candles.


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Wear a smart pin stripe suit or a little black dress topped off with an eye mask. Why not have eye masks available for all your guests to wear? If you have some family photos in your den, for a spooky touch, try cutting out some black paper into the shape of masks and mount them over your portraits. Serve drinks to your guests from an ornate glass punch bowl for an old fashioned, and spine chilling, theatrical welcome. Use goblets, if you have them, to add to the effect.

Know When to Stop.

Don’t go over the edge with your Halloween theme. There’s no need to overdo the imagery and decorations. After all, your guests know what time of year it is. Remember to take a subtle approach, since the spookiest elements of your design will work best if they are not even noticed immediately, but linger in the mind.