Newly Refurbished Apartment In Lisbon Designed For Students

Every house or apartment is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Usually the goal is making the spaces suitable for families. But sometimes a different kind of user is the inspiration behind the project. This apartment is located in Lisbon, Portugal and was specifically designed for students.

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The project was conducted in 2014 by architects Jonatas Lareiro and Rui Cruz of UMA Collective. They specialize in delivering tailor-made solutions that are efficient and innovative, focusing on customizing everything according to the client’s needs. Their dialogue-based design strategy ensures a strong relationship between client and architect.

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The architects transformed this 1961 apartment into a contemporary and attractive living environment for students. The apartment has three bedrooms each shaped like a cube. The kitchen is a shared space and the bathroom is divided into three sections that can be used simultaneously. In a way, it’s as if each bedroom has its own bathroom but they’re all located in the same space.

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Apart from the good location and views of the Tagus river, the apartment didn’t have much else to be proud of in its original state. After the renovation, the interior was reorganized and restructured and a fresh and modern makeover was give to the whole space.

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To make the bedrooms more functional and space efficient, the architects used space-saving furniture with ingenious designs. A fold-down bed occupies very little space during the day or when it’s not needed and the desks share the same type of design.

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The contemporary allure is given partially by the use of raw materials such as OSB panels and engineered colored wood. The fact that the color palette is fresh and well-balanced helps give each space a welcoming and airy look.

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The flexibility of the design and the versatility of the furniture allows the bedrooms to change function as needed. A bedroom can easily become a study, living space or even an entertainment area.

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