Refinished Vintage Steel Tanker Desk

In a house there are things which are decorative, practical and useful or things that are absolutely compulsory. The last category appears in almost every house where comfort and practicality are also provided. Here we refer to things like the kitchen equipment, the bathroom accessories and we may also include the office desks. The office desks represent our working corners where we work at home. They keep our files and other desk items organized very well.

Double pedestal desk

Here it is a functional and solid classic steel tanker desk .It belongs to REHAB’s classic double pedestal desks which represent refinished vintage steel tanker desks. Many of these desks were manufactured in the late 1940s and 1950s when the largest producer was McDowell Craig.

These types of desks were great for schools, military, police stations and offices of all kinds as they were solid and very practical. All these institutions needed some strong and durable desks for their offices. Even today there are used steel cabinets in schools or hospital where they can be exposed to all sort of shocks or just need to be protective for the content they have inside.Those who are interested in a durable and very practical piece of furniture for their office may try this practical vintage steel tanker desk.The standard model comes in with one file drawer, 4 box drawers and a pencil drawer. The models differ so that each of them is not alike. There are various sizes and different colors that are available for this type of desk.Available for $1,450.