Redesigning Emily Stone’s Apartment

Usually when you buy an apartment you try to make it look the way you like it. Its initial interior design may be out of fashion, its interior items may need some repairing or the style may not suite you. In this case you need an interior designer and sometimes a whole team of people who can help you redesign and restore the whole apartment. The result of all this work will be stunning and will definitely make you feel proud of your decisions.

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Emily Stone bought an apartment in 2008 which did not look too well for about $ 1.3 million. She asked her friend, the designer Kajsa Krause to decorate her condo in the Enrique Norten-designed One York building in TriBeCa.

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The apartment became an oasis of freshness and warm where you could spend incredible moments enjoying the elegant and comfortable design and furniture used for the decoration of this lovely apartment.

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Her bedroom became a white island of rest and comfort where everything was dominated by the same purity of white color: white rug, white reading chair, white bed linens, and even whitish paintings. The other areas like the living room, the kitchen or dining room were dominated by the same white and the combination of rustic and modern was still kept. You may notice the modern lamps in the bedroom which are arranged in a symmetric way, the transparent modern chairs from the dinner table or the modern kitchen. These modern items are contrasted by the rustic elements represented by the wooden slats of the headboard in the bedroom, the wooden dinner table or the wood log used as side table in the bedroom. These rustic details add more charm and warm to this apartment so that you can feel nice and relaxed.{found on nytimes}.