How To Revive Old Watering Cans And Make Them Cute Again

An old watering can is not exactly a desirable item. But wait till you realize just how charming and beautiful these things can be. The idea is to re-purpose old watering cans and to turn them into vintage vases or into ornaments for your entryway, garden or yard. There are many different ways in which you can do that and today we’ll be reviewing a few simple ones. They all require old watering cans so if you enjoy any of these project you should start looking for the needed supplies.


A very simple idea if you plan on transforming an old watering can into a unique vase or a planter is to use some paper images of flowers or other things you like and some clear Mod Podge. Basically you just have to glue the images onto the can and then seal them with a layer of Mod Podge. The design can be customized in a lot of ways and there are plenty of themes to choose from.

Watering can flower vase

Actually an old watering can made of metal can look lovely just as it is, without needing any embellishments, decals and other things. It’s likely that it even gains a very nice patina over time and you can take advantage of that worn look. It will provide a nice contrast with the colorful flowers displayed in it.

Flower vase from a watering can

The weathered tin on a vintage watering can is something to look forward to if you enjoy such features. Turn it into a vase and let bouquets of vibrant flowers contrast against the metal. You can turn it into a decoration for the garden or a centerpiece for a rustic table setting.

Beautiful vintage flower vase

The versatility of these vintage gardener’s dreams goes beyond just a simple vase you can use in your home or outside. You can turn an old watering can into a decoration for all sorts of events, including weddings. They can also make lovely gifts for someone who appreciated old things and beautiful patinas.

Yellow flowers in a watering can

If you’re the type of person that likes old treasures, don’t even try to change anything the old watering can you’ve just come across. Don’t ruin its charm and beauty by repainting it or by covering its surface with various stickers and images. Let the original color stand out. The can won’t look perfect by any chance but all the imperfections will give it a lot of character.{found on theoldbluebucket}.

Flower vase recycle

On the other hand, if you’re not particularly attached to the patina and the worn look of vintage watering cans, you can have several of these spray painted, each a different color. You can then turn them into vases or planters and have them displayed on the fence in your garden or yard.

Watering can outdoor water feature

If you have a staircase on your property, you can decorate it with a bunch of lovely vintage watering cans. They can become a series of interconnected ponds and water can flow from one can to the next and so on, ending up forming a larger pond at the base. It will look like a series of tiny waterfalls.