Red, White, & Blue: National Pride In Your Home

Many countries have red, white, and blue on their national flags. This color combination is especially prevalent in the U.S.A. this weekend because of the Memorial Day holiday, so inspiration is all around in the States. Of course, even though this color combination has national significance for many countries, the point is that they look great together in décor as well as on a flag.

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Maybe you’ve never considered these colors before for your décor, but the inspiration photos below will definitely change your mind. Why do they look so good together? It comes down to the fact that primary colors like red and blue are simply made to go together and also, what’s not to love about a bold and daring color combination? Either way, we can’t get enough of the fun, unique rooms that feature this great color combination. See for yourself by checking out the inspiration rooms featured below.

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This room has some incredible features. Apart from the great color combination and thick crown molding, I can’t get enough of the gorgeous wood attern on the floor. Of course, it’s the pop of red color in the writing desk and then again on the wall that truly makes the space.

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This is such a cozy room with decadent linens and many different accessories that are appealing and welcoming. For a space that’s permeated with cool blue tones, the slick, shiny red pillows and chair provide a shot of personality and excitement to the space.{picture from here}.

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Spiral staircases are always so fun to have in a home, and this one in particular is painted a refreshing blue color. The painted medallion on the floor is the one features that makes this room completely unique. The red, white, and blue theme is carried throughout to the accessories as well as the furnishings, like the red desk and chair in the foreground.

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It’s not just the U.S.A. that celebrates these great colors. This fantastic velvet sofa is an updated vintage piece, and the mismatched pillows bring great charm to the room. Of course, the central part of the room is the flag tapestry, which adorns the wall and commands all the attention in the room.

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Sleek, lacquered walls are such an incredible (and expensive) design trend right now. I love how this designer went bold with the color showing no inhibitions whatsoever. The red doors only add to this incredible hallway, and the black and white tiled floors complete the look.

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Ultimately, I hope these pictures show that red, white, and blue can make amazing color additions to your home, whether you just add a few pillows or completely embrace a bold design change. While not everyone will like all of the looks featured here, there are definitely parts from each design that can inspire you to get excited about adding red, white, and blue to your home.