Red Wall Bowls

People needed a lot of tools and they invented all of them out of necessity. But little by little, they started using some of these tools for decorative purposes, so they made them more and more beautiful, more and more attractive. This is how useful things turned into decorative ones. That is a reasonable explanation of wall bowls. First they were made of ceramics , wood or metal and used only for keeping the food in them, so that people could eat it. But, in time, manufacturers created these amazing looking wall bowls that were meant only to be displayed , like these nice Red Wall Bowls from Mortise & Tenon.

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These bowls are made of metal (iron to be more precise) and they have an enamel interior, which makes them all shiny and nice. The exterior is painted bronze and is available in many colours, so that you can make a selection and combine the colours so as to have a certain pattern or whatever your imagination and taste tells you to. The bowls are available in three sizes:small, medium and large. Each bowl has a /1/4″ disc with a threaded pipe that easily screws in the wall and allows you to hang it on the wall and at the same time remains unseen. These bowls are only used as decorations and they are not safe for food. The set sells for $125.00.