Red Italian leather armchairs from Natuzzi

Sometimes, when you feel your living room or your office is a bit too boring and you want something to bring a bit of color in it and also to make a statement about the owner, you’ d better purchase an original piece of furniture that will draw everybody’ s attention and will also make you feel really well – like a personality or something similar.

These red leather chairs that you can see here are designed by Pasquale Natuzzi, an Italian designer that specialized in producing this kind of furniture. Actually this is a whole company, a concern that was founded by Natuzzi. You can see all the models on their official web site and maybe you can find there some other models, too. The best combination if to bring one of these chairs in an office where the predominant color is black. Or maybe in a black and white living room. This will take away the monotony of seeing only one or two colors around and looks very nice in contrast. This particular shade of red is perfect for bringing some passion into your home or office. All chairs are comfortable and you can stay there sitting on it for hours, as the cushion is soft and you can even lie on your back.