Red High-Top Doormat

I like people with a sense of humour and I believe I am such a person myself. That is why I always choose gifts with a funny message and I try, if possible, to buy funny items for myself, too. One of these days I decided to replace the doormat because it is old and worn out. But I wanted something different than usual, something funny and ironical. And I stopped when I saw this nice Red High-Top Doormat. It is perfect for the outside of my door first of all because it has the perfect size – 66cm (W) x 42cm (H) and it is made of mixed fibers – the perfect material for an outdoor mat.

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Then it is really funny as it is shaped and designed to look like a giant basketball shoe. The design respects the original look perfectly and it is at least interesting to see a red shoe lying in front of your door. Actually it is really funny and ironical to wipe your dirty shoes off this red shoe. The doormat can be purchased from Urban Outfitters for the fair price of €21.00. You can order it online for yourself or for a friend, as a funny gift that nobody else will surely make.