Red Bull’s Cape Town Office

If you think about “Red Bull”, you definitely think about energy and dynamism, as these are the qualities this product stands for. If this energy drink is representative, so must be the headquarters which houses the office.The Red Bull office was designed by COA – Architecture and Design.

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It is all what this brand stands for, an open and creative office in which Red Bull’s employees, but also visitors are made to feel at ease; it is an exemplary place, one in which people work to accomplish other people’s dreams,  in which everybody is welcome and wants to hang out.

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Besides the fact that it is an open office, it is quite unusual  for an office, being very wide, full of color, an area with multiple functions, very contemporary with its big glass or wooden tables and modern chairs, with its suggestive pictures on the walls, with wide glass doors  which give the impression of a even wider space, with the most simple, but so necessary elements which animate the entire atmosphere; thus,  the lights, the colors, the decorative elements, the pices of furniture, every sigle object in this place seems to suggest the same idea, inspiring energy and dynamism; it is as if people in this office believe in what they do and do it right, it will happen the same with those who use the product: they will have the energy they wanted.