Recycled Glass Monarch Night Light

I think it is very well to recycle, as this way you protect nature and preserve its natural beauty and everything it has to offer. You can recycle paper, but also glass. Glass is made of some kind of sand and it will eventually be gone unless we recycle. So why don’t we find a new use for some broken bottles and glasses instead of throwing them in the garbage? This beautiful Recycled Glass Monarch Night Light is the perfect example of what amazing things you can do with recycled glass. It is a lamp shade that is made of recycled glass and this shade is painted beautifully by hand so as to show a majectic Monarch butterfly.

17992 zoom1 869x1024These butterflies are an endangered species so the lamp serves another noble purpose, too and that is to make people aware of the fact that these beautiful butterflies can disappear one day as species from the face of the Earth. OK, I admit, you must have a lot of talent to make such a great work, but nothing is impossible with some great ideas and a will to do great things. The butterfly shape is amazing and you can hardly tell the nice and cool light filtered through the shape is actually coming from a recycled glass lamp. The work also promotes the planting of the butterflies’ favourite plants to eat and … everyone is happy. So if you like what you see and don’t want to try to Do It Yourself, then simply order the lamp for $38.