Recycled Canvas Number Pouf

Young people prefer comfortable things around them and also things that can be easily moved around the house, so when you get bored you can change the whole room design in a matter of minutes. That is why their favourite sitting items are poufs. Poufs are very comfortable and as different as possible from the rigid chairs with high and straight back rests . They are soft and young, comfy and fun at the same time. This Recycled Canvas Number Pouf althemore interesting as it made of recycled canvas, which is a pretty resistant material, but gives it a vintage patina, too.

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The pouf design is interesting, too, as the item is “sliced” in many parts that are afterwards decorated with numbers. This pouf is available in khaki with applied numbers in charcoal. The cotton from the canvas used for covering the pouf is perfect for the kids as it is the least allergenic material and this is important for children, who are more likely to develop allergies at this age and in this period of time – spring.

The faded look of the pouf only makes it look vintage and the item is entirely new. The item can be bought for $149 and is now available on Restoration hardware.