Rectangular Zulu Storage Basket

Every country and every people has its own identity and national features and I think they should be kept because they make us unique and special and that is what keeps our individuality in a world that is about to globalize. And this beautiful Rectangular Zulu Storage Basket is the perfect illustration of my words. The basket is hand woven and made of natural fibres and at the same time it is illustrative for the Zulu tradition of the people in Africa. We see that as an interesting item with a funny design, but as long as we know it is Zulu, it’s great. This way we “borrow” their tradition, but keep it alive at the same time.

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This useful storage basket can be used in any room of your house, depending on what you need to store. You can store fresh vegetables in it or maybe the kids toys, laundry or the things you prepare for the barbecue. But no matter what you decide to store in it, it is very useful and colourful, beautifully designed and fun. It has two holes as handles on the sides in order to be carried easily from one place to another. The basket comes in different sizes and, if you purchase more than one size, you will see they can fit perfectly inside the bigger ones, making it easy to store them when you do not use them. Any way, the item is available online for a price that varies between £7.50  and £21.00, depending on size.