Reconstructed apartment with a contrasting interior

This apartment recently got a makeover. It was reconstructed and modernized but it still preserved its original charm. The apartment measures a total of 167 square meters. It has spacious room, functionally divided and structured. The interior décor is very beautiful. The main concept behind this design was contrast.

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There’s a very visible contrast of colors, between black and white, dark and light colors. However, these shades were very beautifully combined and they’re not striking at all. In fact, they all combine harmoniously and result is a beautiful mix. The neutral tones have been beautifully complemented by shades of brown, beige and turquoise. The colors have different intensities and together they create a very charming atmosphere.

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Another type of contrast is visible in the case of the furniture. There are some very beautiful mid-century modern classics that stand out and are complemented by both modern and vintage pieces. The combination of styles is indeed wonderful. Moreover, some of the apartment’s original features have been preserved throughout the reconstruction. They include elements such as the stucco ceilings and basically anything found on the upper part of the walls. They add a very beautiful and elegant touch to the décor. These details, combined with the minimalistic furniture, result in a stylish décor. The atmosphere inside is casual, calm, relaxing but also elegant and somewhat impressive.{found on marieclairemaison}.