Reconfigurable crib that you can use from the day you’re born, until the day you die

These days I was watching some old photos with my little daughter. It is amazing how fast she grows and becomes a big girl. I was watching the pictures when she was about the length of one hand. She was so tiny and adorable. Now she is able to walk by herself and she is even sweeter. Kids grow fast and we need to adapt everything to the stages they go through. Food, furniture, toys and clothes must be appropriate their corresponding age so that they develop nice and correct. We need to provide them a healthy and clean environment so that they can grow up beautifully.

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Those who designed this intelligent GRO Furniture Modular Crib had in mind the same ideas. They thought of the way kids grow up fast and they need appropriate things for their life. This type of modular crib is excellent for any kid. Its practical and functional design allows you to change it from a crib to toddler bed, to day bed and even a desk.


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It is a piece of furniture which will help you to save a lot of money and even space. It will not be necessary to buy a separate piece of furniture for each of his stages which will definitely take you a lot of space. Now you can have all these type of beds an even a desk just in one item!Kids also mean a continuous investment and if you are a responsible parent you will try to offer him everything he needs for a normal life and perhaps even more. This GRO Furniture Modular Crib can save from a lot of trouble and help you get the right pieces of furniture for your kid.{found on gizmodo}.