Reclaimed slate clock: both fun and functional

I know plenty of people that can’t make up their minds when it comes to choosing a clock. They want something fun and modern, but they also want it to match their décor. It’s not easy to do both. Fortunately we found a very special clock design that might just work. This reclaimed slate clock is definitely something different.

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The clock is actually made of reclaimed pieces of wood and slate. The idea is very simple. Just make a square and add a piece of wood on one of the side that will become the bottom side. You’ll be able to put the chalk there. Add the clock mechanism in the middle and the clock in done. It’s actually a very fun project to do by yourself. But if you prefer to leave the hard work for someone else, just buy the complete version for $95.

This is a very fun and functional clock because you can actually write on it. This way you can use as a blackboard to write your schedule or the to do things and little reminders. Every time you’ll look at the clock to see the time you’ll also see the writing. It’s very useful. Moreover, it’s very fun, especially if you have kids, They’ll probably love to write and draw on it. The clock measures 12″ L x 12.75″ W x 2.4″ D; approx. 5 lbs, uses 1 AA battery and you’ll also get one piece of chalk and a sawtooth wall-mounting bracket.