Rechter House in Tel Aviv Redesigned by Pitsou Kedem Architects

The Rechter House is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it has been recently remodeled by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The house was originally designed by Zeev Rechter from whom it also got the name. It used to be a single-storey house for the designer and his family with an open plan design. As time passed, a second floor and a third wing were added to the building. This made the original design disappear slowly and to be hidden by the new structure. This also meant that the principles used for the original design were also abandoned.

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Pitsou Kedem Architects were asked to transform this building into a new structure that could then be used by two separate families. The new owners didn’t necessarily care about the original design. The architects were able to redesign the building and to remodel both the exterior and the interior.

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The house got a new staircase, remodeled walls and a openings that allowed views from both ways. Some elements have been preserved, like the exposed beams for example. The new building is now a sort of compromise between the original one-storey design and all the other additions that have been made over the years. It’s like everything has finally come together in a harmonious composition. It’s a beautiful residence that will hopefully resist for many years to come.{found on archdaily}