Recently Redesigned Mountainside Residence Featuring A Cylindrical Foyer

If you were to somehow suddenly find yourself sitting in this foyer you could very well think you’re in a giant wine barrel. That’s because the foyer was designed in such a way that it’s actually meant to look like one. But let’s first talk about the residence in general. This is the Farr residence, a mountainside house which was recently renovated by Studio 80. It’s a rustic and very charming place.

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The foyer is camouflaged by the rest of the structure and it’s almost hidden

The residence’s original double volume foyer was transformed into this unusual cylinder that looks like a wine barrel from the inside.

The cowhide skin covered bench completes the whole rustic decor

It has stone flooring and walls covered in wood boards held together with metal strapping, as well as exposed ceiling beams that come together in the center and form a turret with square windows. The light fixture suspended in the center is reminiscent of a wagon wheel.

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In the living room there’s a harmonious combination of materials and textures
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The suspended chair is the highlight of this room’s interior design
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The dining room also has an interesting light fixture
The exposed ceiling beams bring cohesiveness to the entire residence
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The furniture chosen throughout is mostly traditional with a very cozy feel
The hallway is a transition space and it features a comfy window bench
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The bedroom features an interesting combination of rustic and modern elements
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The suspended bed in the kids’ bedroom is a very functional addition
The bathroom has a pivoting wood door which reveals a metallic tub
The wood furniture combined with the soft textures create a welcoming atmopshere
One of the most interesting pieces here is the aged metal coffee table
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There’s also an interesting shelving unit composed of various wood cubes

But this isn’t the only interesting part of the house. The facade of the building is just as wonderful. A stone walkway leads to the entryway and from there you can see elements such as the wood, stone and metal features which are repeated throughout the house. The cylindrical foyer leads to the social area. It has exposed beams, a stone wall and a beautiful fireplace. There’s also a light fixture identical to the one in the foyer and it’s suspended above the seating area which includes a chair suspended from the ceiling.