Rebuilt loft in Rome with a bright interior

This stylish loft is located in the ancient district of Rome, in San Lorenzo. Its owner is painter Valentina De Martini. Even though it’s not immediately obvious that this is an artist’s apartment, there are certain elements that start to make sense after you know who the owner is. The apartment is very bright and it seems very airy and spacious. This impression is mostly given by the fact that the walls are white throughout the loft and so are the ceilings.

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The flooring is also bright, either white or grey. With white walls, white ceilings and white floors, the whole apartment is like a huge blank canvas waiting to be filled with visual expressions of the owner’s talent. The building in which the apartment is situated was originally an old storehouse for minerals and it also integrated a blacksmith’s shop. These areas were rebuilt and restructured and the result is partly this beautiful and stylish loft.

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The apartment is very clean and bright. Because of the white décor and the simplicity of the interior design, the apartment also has a Nordic feel. The fact is that it’s a nice and subtle combination of classic and modern elements. Most of the furniture continues the same neutral tone imposed by the décor. The only hints of color are the pieces of artwork probably created by the owner. They turn the loft into a more personal space and they also tend to bring everything together and form a harmonious, even though partially eclectic composition.{found on atasa}.