Real Good Chair from Bludot

During the time when I went to school I enjoyed the Arts and Craft lessons because we could do many unusual things with our own hands. I learned how to fold paper and to make different shapes like planes and flowers, water cups and little boats. The shape changed every time you folded the paper again and you got something new. This Real Good Chair from Bludot seems just like the items I got during those classes, except for the fact that it uses laser cut steel instead of sheets of paper. Actually those two things have design in common and you can almost see the pattern of the steel sheet while it was folded along a certain line that was marked with laser cuts.

07 rg1 sidchr rd r 760x1150 1This is actually a modern chair that has four very normal metal legs and only the seat is a bit different in design. The chair created this way is dynamic and simple in design, comfortable and funny looking. Even though the steel sheet is pretty thin, the chair is rather sturdy and it will support any person sitting on it. The chair is available in a wide range of colours and you are free to choose the right one for you from ivory, aqua, and two glossy tone-on tone colors: satin black or glossy red. Every item can be purchased for $139 from Blu dot.