Reading Nook Essentials: Modern Literary Storage Ideas

Over the years, places to read in our homes have become a novelty and for many a luxury. If you have been trying to create a relaxing reading nook in your home, here are some ideas to help you. On top of getting your reading sanctuary together, don’t forget about storing your entire reading collection! From bookshelves, to built-ins there are countless ways to get creative with modern storage ideas. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your space and storing your reading material.

reading nook ideas
Store your books in a convenient area to your reading nook

Find the right area for your books:

When you read you want the area in which you relax to be special for you.  Whether it’s the corner of the living room near the big beautiful window or it’s a rocking chair on your porch, watching the world go by. You should pick a space that makes you feel great but also allows you to concentrate and engulf yourself into your reading. Assess your reading nook area and determine where you can add shelving, built-ins and creative storage area. If you decide to install your own bookshelves, measure your magazines and books before hand. This will ensure all your favorite literary finds will fit seamlessly.

reading nook shelving ideas
Creative shelving and lighting are essential

Ensure your seating is convenient and comfortable:

Once you decide on the right storage areas, now it’s time to choose the right seating. What is the perfect space if you don’t have the perfect seating to go along with it? Choose seating that reflects your home’s decorative style, as well as seating that can be moved around. Also consider placement of your seating. Too close to windows can be drafty and/or provide bright glare. Also be aware of where temperature changes are in your room. Too hot or cold will make you uncomfortable.

reading nook traditional
What is your favorite area of your reading nook?

Lighting your reading nook:

One area many homeowners overlook is lighting their reading nook along with the books they store. Next to the seating, good lighting is imperative to your success of enjoying your reading nook. If you have plenty of natural light, this will provide wonderful light for reading. Ensure you use sheers or light window treatments to shield from harsh glare, or to keep out cold. Ensure a proper reading lamp and overhead ambient light in your reading nook as well. This will ensure that you are always able to see, and not squint or strain your eyes. Consider installing “puck” lighting – similar to lighting used under cabinets in your kitchen for small areas in your bookshelves. This will create the ability to see and display your books without dark areas and shadows.

reading nook teenager idea
Book shelving adjacent to windows make a great storage area.
reading nook modern
Create a customized book storage area

Your reading nook can be perfect with the above tips. If you decide to place your reading nook adjacent to another room, ensure there isn’t too much noise and distractions. Try to choose a space that is out of the way, as well as inspiring for reflection and imagining! Take the time and create the perfect reading nook with these helpful book and literary storage ideas. You will love how your reading nook just got a little cozier!

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