Reader’s Project:Green kitchen backsplash and white cabinets

Love it when readers want to share their projects on Homedit.Oana from Romania sent us a picture with hear kitchen which she has just finished renovating. Oana told us that is very proud with hear kitchen and choose to use bright colors to create a sensation of big space.The green tile backsplash and white for cabinets.Nowadays the kitchen has become a part of the actual living area and sometimes its also connected to the dining room. It’s very important to choose the right color for the kitchen. And just want to say that Oana choose a good combination of colors to create a modern kitchen, even the space is a problem.Congratulation Oana for your project.

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The green choosed for the backsplash is a symbol of freshness so you can be sure that it’s going to be a success.Also I saw that you have new appliances which add a plus to your modern kitchen.The furniture is also very important.The combination with green and white was choosed to accentuate the fact that this is not a small space.

Overall the entire design of the kitchen it’s modern, but I think you should try to catch more litgh.Try a chandelier or suspendent lamps.And a fresh kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be green. You can also use this beautiful color for decorations. The pendant can be bright green for example, the floor, the knobs of the cabinets etc. You just need to be creative.Thanks for sharing part of your home with us Oana!