Re-Inventing The Kitchen With Range hoods From Frecan Light Collection

If you want to re-inventing the kitchen,the latest trend in technology and design have brought the range hood.Kitchen spaces are all about the marriage of beauty and practicality.The new hoods from Frecan Light Collection feature an unique design and technology like extraction systems, powerful blowers, halogen lights, ambient lighting, dishwasher safe aluminum filters, remote control and different finishes available with many models.Also the noise level is reduced to 36, 38 dBA. These hoods are very decorative because they look so great and shiny, but they are also very functional.

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You can use them to blow out the steam resulting from your cooking in the kicthen and this way protect your whole house. This is all the more important in modern homes because now there is not a very clear border between the kitchen and the rest of the house. That happens because the kitchen is usually an open space and linked to the living room area, so hood are really important. The price for Range hoods from Frecan Light Collection starts from € 1,400.