Ray Crib in All Hazelnut

Little children are special people, so they have special needs. They do not know how to protect themselves against getting harmed, so the adults have to do this for them. That is why they have to stay in special beds that are called cribs. These cribs have very secure bars that do not let the infant fall from the bed. But you can choose to protect them and also have nice furniture in the nursery, like this Ray Crib in All Hazelnut.

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First of all this crib is made of hazelnut wood, which makes the piece of furniture really beautiful but also not as hard as metal. This way the children will not get hurt even if they accidentally hit the surrounding bars. And these bars are thin enough not to be dangerous. But what makes this crib really interesting from the designer’s point of view is the white panel that comes applied at the front of the crib. It comes into a beautiful contrast with the dark vines on it and the hazelnut crib. It is the most important detail that makes a boring piece of furniture a great one. You can purchase the item now from Muu Kids for $925.