Raw Stone and Wood House in Buenos Aires

This house is designed with outside and inside integration in mind and It’s located in Buenos Aires. This house has a very interesting exterior that incorporates only natural materials like stone and wood and consists of bearing walls and steel columns that allow greater openness to the garden.


It’s a strange looking house. Because of the materials used in the construction and because of the size of this building, it looks very imposing and a little scary. It seems angry and not very friendly. But it’s just an impression. When you get inside the house, it all changes. This is actually an inviting place. The interior still maintains some characteristics from the exterior design, so that the transition wouldn’t be very sudden.

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It’s a very elegant home, with a nice structure. It’s a big place with large and spacious rooms. There are not a lot of pictures to describe the interior décor, but from what I can see it looks elegant and beautiful. It’s a stylish home. And whenever you feel like changing the atmosphere a little, you can either admire the outside view from inside, looking through the glass walls, or spend some time outside, swimming in the pool or just relaxing while reading a book or having a cold drink in a hot summer day. It’s a very nice family home.