Trend Spotter: Rattan Furniture

It’s stealing the spotlight in the living room. It’s replacing the iron on the patio. It’s even invading the nursery. Rattan furniture is coming back with a big bang. Yes, this trend is a vintage classic that’s happy to be back in your home. It’s pale arms and legs provide a simple and affordable way to incorporate nature into any room. Check out these 11 ways to make the most of this rattan trend.

vintage rattan

When you’re searching for those perfect rattan pieces to add to your place, don’t forget to go look over the thrift stores. There are many vintage pieces to be found and some of the best and most unique ones are buried under dusty rugs and clouded mirrors. Plus, you’ll probably save money buy choosing an antique over new. (via @sfgirlbybay)

rattan tables

While the perfect rattan chair might jump out at you, it might not. So don’t limit yourself! Rattan chairs aren’t the only pieces of rattan furniture. There are consoles, bar carts, ottomans and many other pieces. Just keep looking until you find one that will fit your living room perfectly. (via Varpunen)

painted rattan

Are you loving the airy rattan style but not really the color? One word: paint. Just because it’s rattan doesn’t mean it’s untouchable. So grab a can of spray paint in that bright shade you’ve been eyeing and go to work. Frugal tip, this is also a great way to bring an old inherited piece of rattan furniture to life in a modern living room like yours. (via I Don’t Know How She Does It)

rattan swing

There isn’t much that’s cooler than a swing indoors. You’ll want to snatch up your rattan swing before they disappear because they’re pretty popular. All it takes is a throw and a pillow to make the coziest reading spot you’ll ever know.


Rattan furniture is known for it’s interesting shapes, especially the vintage pieces. Don’t be afraid to take home an intriguing piece just because of it’s shape. I promise you, it will bring that element of vintage modern that your home is looking for.

rattan headboard

Let’s not leave rattan furniture solely to the living room. Rattan headboards can be so intricate and beautiful, whether painted or plain. And have you seen the rattan side tables out there? You’ll find too many to love that you’ll just have to put some in your bedroom. (via Sweet Peach)

half rattan

How do you reconcile your desire for a rattan touch with your modernist styled living room? Think halfsies. A chair like the one above will provide just a touch of the trend but those black legs keep it minimal and fresh. It’s the perfect solution to your rattan problem. (via Daniella Witte)

rattan cradle

It’s not fair to let the grown ups have all the rattan fun. Bring a little vintage charm to the nursery with a rattan cradle. Suddenly, every single nursery shot will be Instagram worthy. Plus, your baby photographer will go rattan crazy too. (via Deco Peques)

outdoor swing

Thank goodness rattan isn’t limited to indoors. If you can swing it, install a rattan swing on your porch. It promises to become a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for anyone and everyone who takes the time to use it. Because how can you not? (via @sfgirlbybay)

outdoor rattan

There is also some pretty sweet rattan patio furniture out there and there is no downside to it. They’re pretty to look at, comfortable to use and will match with anything else you’ve got going on in your backyard. It’s a win win for everyone. (via My Paradissi)

rattan mirror

Are you pining for rattan but just can’t afford it right now? Find yourself a rattan mirror or two… or three. They will get you in on the rattan trend without making a hole in your pocket. Then you can enjoy your reflective pieces while you save up for a swing. (via The Jungalow)