Rattan Elephant Hamper

As a mother of two small kids I can tell you they are a bit like tornadoes, leaving a mess behind when they play or undress for bed. And if you want to ever teach them to put the dirty laundry in the proper basket or hamper, you should start by offering them a pleasant option, something they like. This will give them an impulse to do the right thing. One of the funniest things I have in the house is one of these rattan hampers that look like an elephant.

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They are handmade or better said hand woven of wicker and the people in this business found a way to make them look like an elephant. It’s totally fun and creative. It is perfect for storing laundry because it also allows the air to come in and the funny design makes it perfect for the kids room. It is available in brown, honey and white and the purchasing price is $ 47.