Rampazzi Swarovki Crystal Furniture

I always say that luxury is not something standardized. I mean for some people luxury means something classical, with dark tones and strong essences, like mahogany or other exotic woods, maybe marble. For some luxury means flashy; shiny car rims, diamonds and golden objects.  In my opinion in this second category is included this Swarovski Crystal Furniture. I don’t want to say it doesn’t look good or something like that; I just want to highlight the fact that this is flashy and it is suited for a certain customer segment.

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The thing about this collection is that the brand that makes it has just recently entered the market and their presence really impressed. Finkeldei products are sophisticated and feature an original design marked by elegancy and timeless beauty. Designer Carlo Rampazzi wanted to create something that will express his vision about luxury and grandeur.

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I have to say that his work is to be appreciated not only by connoisseurs but by all the people because although it’s a bit flashy for my taste, this is quality and none of the fashion’s unwritten rules were broken. I mean this is quality and really good looking. I have certain retentions when I hear about something made out of these materials because it is really easy to ruin all and make something kitsch-like. I can imagine that furniture like this doesn’t come in cheap, so if you can afford it and you have an interior that can welcomes it, give it a try!{found on hgid}.