Rainbow Wall Stickers for the Kids Room

My little daughter is totally crazy about rainbows and I started all this madness without intention. It all began when I read a story for her, a story with some white butterflies that flew through the rainbow and then painted their wings with the colours from the rainbow. Of course, little girls love  butterflies and the rainbow, too, so she insisted she had one such nice rainbow painted in her room. She even wanted to make one herself with crayons on the wall.

Mushroom rainbow Duga pecurkice bg

Fortunately I caught her in the act and I could only stop her by promising to do things in a more professional manner and make the kids room look really nice. So I immediately thought of purchasing some wall stickers. I know it’s really easy to paint one, but I’m not that gifted, so it was easier for me to purchase one.

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No, I did not know such stickers could be purchased from the online stores until then. But apparently there are a lot of different models with everything, including a wide variety of rainbow stickers.

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The price is different a bit , depending on the store, size and sticker quality. So you can buy this mushroom rainbow above for example for only 5 euro, the one with stars and rainbow and clouds in the third picture for about $99, the rainbow clouds in picture 4 for about $39 and a whole bunch of offers right here. Good luck for the purchase and may your life be colourful like a rainbow.