Rainbow Tumblers

Birthdays are good opportunities for friends and family to come together. And, of course, normal families are made of adults and children, so if there are at least three families you will have a t least three children. And they just love to mimic whatever their parents do. So when adults drink different liquors from nicely designed glasses, kids would love that, too. But you can’t risk having them hurt and glasses smashed all over the house, so you look for a compromise. These Rainbow Tumblers are my idea of compromise. They look just like any tumblers, except the fact that they are not made of glass, but of a resistant acrylic.

91841 A2 Glasses Teardrop Rainbow Acrylic Set of 4

So they are not that easy to break. Besides, they are shaped like a teardrop on the inside and you get an incredible visual effect as you can see a rainbow inside. This is amazing for children, since they are delighted by colours. However, it is recommended to wash them by hand for more safety. No matter what you use them for or who you use them for, the tumblers look great and they immediately draw attention on them. These tumblers come in sets of four and you can purchase one set for the fair price of $36.