How to Make A Cupcake Stand From Scratch – 9 Colorful Ideas

Cupcakes are so cute and delicious it doesn’t look well if you simply put them on a plate. They need to be displayed in a more dramatic and eye-catching way. That’s what cupcake stands are for. Today we’ll have a look at nine DIY projects that show us how to make one using simple supplies.

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These colorful cupcake pedestals can each hold one cupcake so they’re not particularly practical if you want put a whole batch on display. However, they’re really interesting-looking. You can make this with wooden dowel rods and a few circular pieces of wood for the base and the top. You can give them any look you want using colored yarn.{found on chicaandjo}.

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A simple three-level cupcake stand can be made out of wood slices and small terra cotta pots. Spray paint the pots white or any other color you want. Then stack the wood slices, placing pots in between them. Use two for the first two levels and one for the third one. You can glue these together although they can stand ok without it. {found on thedecorfix}.

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If you want a cupcake stand with rustic appeal, try the project featured on Rusticweddingchic. To make it, you need two thick slices of birch wood and four thin wooden dowels. Drill four holes in each wood slice. Then use glue to connect these using the dowels. You can decorate the center portion with flowers to hide the dowels.

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This triple-tier cupcake stand is quite similar to the other two described above. It’s made out of three slices of wood featuring slightly different dimensions. They’re connected with two candle sticks. You can stain the wood and paint the candle sticks if you want or you can let them show their natural color. {found on woodsofbelltrees}.

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A different idea would be to use plates. For example, check out the tiered cupcake stand featured on ohthelovelythings. It was made using three porcelain plates of varying sizes. In between then you can use a cup or a small bowl. Use glue to keep them all in place.

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A somewhat similar idea is offered on Annawu. To make a cupcake stand similar to this one, first you need to get three melamine plates in varied sizes and two candlesticks. Attach a candlestick to the center of the largest plate. Then out glue on top of the candlestick and press on the medium plate. Repeat for the top tier.

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Styrofoam discs are also pretty good for such a project. Check out littleredwindow for a cupcake stand design that uses these in combination with soup cans. You need three discs and two cans which you can paint or decorate however you want. You can glue ribbon to the other edge of the discs and cover the discs with scrapbook paper.

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The DIY project featured on Annies-eates uses thinner styrofoam discs in a similar manner. If you want the base and the other platforms to be sturdy, you can glue several discs together. You’ll also need two soup cans which you wrap in cardboard. Use ribbon for the edges of the discs and your cupcake tower is complete.

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But what if all you need is a single cupcake and a great way to display it for a dramatic impact? Then you’d have to think about the theme and the reason you’re celebrating. If it’s a graduation then use the graduation cap as a cupcake stand. {found on paintthegownred}.