Raft Table by Andre Joyau

Looking for an outdoor coffee table? Outdoor coffee tables are just one of a number of pieces of outdoor furniture that are available for purchase.The Raft Table designed by Andre Joyau is created from wood and some furniture. It can also be used  indoors, giving a contemporary and old design at the same time.

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You can reassemble it, rearrange it, and repurpose it to create a strikingly modern table that is both tactile and aesthetically rich.The Raft Table is hand finished and waxed to improve the feel yet preserve the natural character of the beams.

Raft table by andre joyau2View in gallery

You may call me a fool or NOT a connaisseur in the arts or design field but I do not think this table is anything of spectacular and original at all. I think that Robinson Crusoe had this idea first when he shipwrecked on his deserted island and needed some furniture.

Raft table by andre joyau2

And I also believe that any person left alone into the woods for a week will find enough imagination to create a very similar table. You only need the wood and the power to lift it and put all the logs together on a layer or base of black wood. Oh, yes, and to lacquer it a bit afterwards in order to confer a bit of a shine to it. I personally love it and I would be delighted to build one for myself if I lived in the woods, but I would never pay money for it.