Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli

Designed for an Italian company De Castelli, the Radici is a grate outdoor furniture set created by Patrizia Pozzi. The collection includes a gazebo, a table, some chairs, a coffee table, a bench, a barstool and candleholder. Specially designed to catch eyes with the climbing plants the collection is also very comfortable.

Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli1

It has a modern but still traditional design. I have to say it looks a little pretentious for my tastes. But considering the fact it was designed for outdoor use, I would say it would look nice in a garden, just not my garden. What I really likes are the climbing flowers. It’s a very beautiful detail that distinguishes this collection.Radici Outdoor Furniture by De Castelli

The set includes a lot of pieces, enough to furnish all your garden or terrace. The gazebo is also very beautiful and interesting. I really like the fact that it also includes a coffee table. That an important piece. It’s such a beautiful feeling to be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee outdoors. It’s so different than the feeling you get when you drink your coffee in the morning in the kitchen or in the crowded space of the living room. I say it’s worthed to invest in a collection like this.