Radiant Galaxy chandelier

Usually in the living room or dining room the décor asks for something exquisite and eye-catching that would bring the whole room together. This effect is usually achieved by adding a nice chandelier. Today we’re only going to take a look at one such item and it’s called the Galaxy Chandelier.

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This particular type of chandelier would look best when used in the living/dining room or even on the entry hall. The purpose is to attract attention and to emphasis the general aspect of the room. The Galaxy chandelier has a design that does exactly that without exaggerating the details. It has eight arms that spread around and each one holds a faux candlestick. It’s both chic and romantic.

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The chandelier is made of metal with a satin brass finish. It uses eight 60w max / b10 bulbs and it includes three 12” and one 6” extension rod. You can also choose the optional off-white drum shades is you want to create a more formal look. The Galaxy chandelier was originally available for $895 but now you can buy it for only $716. It measures 38”dia x 7”h so it would be advisable to use it in a room with high ceilings so that it wouldn’t incommode you. However, if you decide to place it above the dining room table for example the ceiling height is not that important.