Quirky, ingenious and fun – the Yo-Yo coffee table

Designs that are simple and that impress at the same time are the most difficult to create. They are also the most appreciated these days. People enjoy seeing style in its purest form, to have furniture pieces that don’t rely on opulence for their spark. They also like to see designs that are original. This coffee table fits all those criteria. It’s extremely simple, delicate, unusual and eye-catching.

Yo-Yo coffee table

As its name suggests, the inspiration behind the design of this coffee table was the yo-yo. This makes it even more interesting. It’s very captivating the way the designer took something trivial such as a yo-yo, a kid’s toy, and used its image to create something elegant and stylish. But, like the yo-yo, this table offers more than it lets you see at first. The table is not just minimalist and pure, it also hides a surprise. Its upper top can be rotated outwards and this allows the user to change the shape and functionality of the table.

Designed by Emanuele Zenere for Cattelan Italia, the Yo-Yo coffee table is one of those items that seem perfect for any modern or contemporary home. It has everything one needs. It has a simple design, delicate lines, a cohesive look, it’s modern, strong, durable and has the element of surprise that we often look for. The table is crafted in wood and is available in several finishes including white, black, matt grey or matt oyster. The circular shelf provides a sleek storage space for magazines and other similar items.