The Quello Desk-Table by Phil Proctor

A small desk or a console table are always useful. However, when you don’t necessarily need them but would still find them useful from time to time, the idea of having a desk just for occasional use is not something we would consider. It’s because it would occupy space that we can use for something else, of greater interest. However, there’s a way to have them both, space and desk/console table.

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The solution is the Quello Table. Unlike typical desk or console tables, this piece serves a double purpose. It can be sued either as a desk or table and the best part is that is takes very little space. It’s because of tis design. The Quello Table is a contemporary piece of furniture with a minimalist design. It’s a piece that can only be used when placed against the wall. That’s because of its shape. The table is quite small but it provides enough space to make it comfortable for you to work at.

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Notice that the table/desk only features a pair of feet. It’s because it needs the wall to provide support on the other side. This piece is handcrafted in Britain and it was designed by Phil Proctor. It’s a charming piece of furniture, both functional and eye-catching. It has a top that slides both ways allowing access to the storage underneath. This allows you to access that space without the objects from the desk. For a complete look you can also opt for the matching stool.