Queens Gate Gardens, South Kensington Apartment

Located on the ground floor this property which is one of the best apartments in London for sale is a two bedroom apartment which is refurbished recently to a great standard along with having most modern fittings with the location being at the charming garden square. Reception room is fabulous along with a wonderfully designed kitchen with wood works. The place has great connectivity and has other shops and amenities surround the apartment.

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It’s a relatively spacious place, even if some of the room could be a little bigger. Still, it’s not a defect. Overall, the apartment has a very inviting look, with those comfortable sofas and cozy pillows. The colors are also a factor in this equation. The beige is generally a soft tone and a relaxing color. When combined with brown tones, the result is almost always elegant and beautiful. They are both warm tones, therefore the cozy and inviting look.

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The living room is very nicely decorated. There’s plenty of sitting space for all the guest or friends that might come over. And in this situations the living room is usually where everybody gathers to chat and spend some time together. The bedroom looks especially comfortable and simple. The bed is really the only visible furniture piece in there. The kitchen and the bathroom seem a little small, but not too crowded.