Quartz Sinks from Giquadro

The sink from Giquadro is made from a durable and strong material.93% quartz that is specially processed into a composite suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.If you like the Giquadro work you can choose from the Quadro basin series or the Flat line series.Both features a contemporary style with linear lines and minimal design. are linear, minimal designs for the modern home featuring a simple seam in the stone for water to drain down.

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Giquadro sink quadro 1 1

My fav series is the Flatline series indeed because is almost flat and the water drains away through the seams of a slightly sunk stone tablet.Indeed a minimalist look that draws many eyes even if only it’s simple sink.Under the sink you can keep the clean towels and other accessories, but only few white towels will be awesome.Giquadro allow you to custom your sink as per needs, in any sizes you should prefer.There are many option available with the Giquadro.