Quartz Candleholder and Vase

I like modern homes because they are not clustered and because they have little furniture. This way you have space or at least the illusion of space. However, even if your home is arranged in a minimalist style, you still need to decorate it somehow in order to show your personality and to make it really pleasant to live in. These small details make a room look beautiful and stylish. These Quartz Candleholder and Vase are perfect for decorating any home. What makes them really special is the fact that they are made of quartz.

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Quartz is actually crystal and crystals are coloured in different colours. They can be found in mines and many people use them for jewels. These crystals are amazing structures and they are the proof that nature works in mysterious ways and makes wonderful things. All the vases and candle holders made of these crystals are different in colours and shapes and reflect the candle light in wonderful ways.

These items can be found on Viva Terra for prices starting with $49. The vases and candle holders have different sizes, too and they are made of quartz, citrine and amethyst, which is considered to be a semi-precious stone.