Puzzle or Real House?

When we think aboutJapan, we think about progress, technology, evolution and development in every field. Therefore, if we think about the NA House in the picture, we are not very surprised, as we expect from this inventive people all sorts of innovations and original ideas.

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Sou Fujimoto Architects, the ones “responsible” for this project designed a “a house, which is like a single space, but each room is also a tiny space of its own” and this can be seen everywhere around. What for us may seem rather radical, for the owners seems to be quite natural and if they feel at ease in it, why should we question their preferences? No matter the perspective you watch, it looks both as a single, unified space, a puzzle put together and as small individual places.

The building does not occupy a large surface and every single corner is very well organized and carefully taken care of. The general concept provides a new and interesting perspective of living and adapting to different situations, alone or with the members of your family.

This space makes everything interesting, even the most ordinary things we do at home, from admiring the view, watching TV, working in front of the computer or just chatting with friends. The lack of chairs or too many furniture pieces, and the use of stairs and white curtains for the wide glass windows at night reveal a simple and unique atmosphere, intriguing and inviting at the same time.{found on homedsgn}