Purple Living Room Design

When we decorate our house we do not simply buy things that we see in the store and then try to find their place in our homes. If we do this we will have a chaos and a weird mix of styles and colours and everything will look funny, but not in a good way. So most of us try to choose a style and a colour for the living room and then choose the matching furniture, drapes, carpet and all the other accessories that complete a room. And , of course, this colour differs a lot from house to house, depending on the owner’ s taste and style. Today I am going to show you some inspired designs for a purple living room.

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Purple is the colour of royalty, the colour of good judgement and of those seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is good to use in meditation because it gives you peace of mind. It is said that most artists prefer this colour and that it attracts positive energies. However, it is seldom chosen as the colour of the background for people’ s living room. That may be because you cannot combine  it with other colours easily and it looks awful near brown and most furniture pieces are made of wood, so brown in colour.

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Any way, the secret of having a nice-looking purple living room is to combine purple with white. This combination is the best and try to use lighter hues of purple for a conservative classic look. If you want to have a modern stylish purple living room, then you are free to try stronger hues combined with metallic grey and maybe black. Choose violet or pink accessories and an adequate lighting, as this colour does not make your house bright, but on the contrary. Just try not to go to extremes.